g a k  terms 48 hours

Customers are responsible for any vehicle damages that occur while the vehicle is in their possession. Vehicles that have been damaged by the customer or anyone else, commercial vehicles, and vehicles that have been modified or altered by the customer or someone else, in any way whatsoever, and vehicles that have been repaired without Go Auto Sherwood Park's prior authorization.

The maximum driving allowance is 150 kilometers over the 48-hours Test-to-Own Drive, and customer must pre-qualify for finance and/or leave a minimum of 5% deposit of the vehicles MSRP. Customer must have a valid credit card and possess their current and valid Alberta license and provide proof of both for Go Auto Sherwood Park to scan and keep on file for the duration of the 48-Hour Test-to-Own Drive. 

In no event shall Go Auto Sherwood Park be liable for any damages whatsoever, incidental, or consequential damages, including fines for any traffic law violations arising out of 48-Hour Test-to-Own Drive. Guest must acknowledge and agree that any and all traffic violations incurred while on the test drive are their responsibility as the driver and the credit card on file will be charged accordingly. Customer will hereby agree not to use or operate the above-described automobile when they are for any reason through liquor or drugs incapable of the proper control thereof. Vehicle not returned on the agreed-upon day/time is subject to a $45.00 per day surcharge. 

Customers must agree to pay all charges, costs and expenses including the operation (including gas & oil) and maintenance of the above-described automobile whilst on loan to them and they will not permit any lien, charge, or encumbrance to be charged against the same. As security for the performance of my herein, customer must authorize Go Auto Sherwood Park to charge their Credit Card any and all costs, amounts and charges incurred by the herein. Please note: 48-Hour Test-to-Own is only applicable at Go Auto Sherwood Park. 

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